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3 Savory Pumpkin Recipes to Make This Week

From pie to spiced lattes, many people associate pumpkin with sugary treats served at the end of a meal or to start the morning off right. But those who only see this classic fall favorite for its sweet side are missing out on a world of delicious savory options. There are many foods that pumpkin…

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Four Best Cheeses to Pair With Red Wine

Are you planning to have a social get-together at your apartment in Wilmington? If you don’t feel like doing a full dinner affair, it can be a lot of fun to serve just a wine and cheese course. However, being sure you've paired the right wine and cheese can make the difference between a successful event…

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Winter Salad Recipes

Although greens are aplenty in the summer and spring season, you shouldn’t allow the frigid winter temperatures kick the salad off your menu. Even in the dead of the frosty winter, you can still enjoy nutritional, seasonal and fresh salads any day of the week. It's the time to try unique food produce for that new…

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