Creating a Peaceful Apartment with Feng Shui

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Now that you have found your new apartment in Wilmington, NC, are you ready to bring as much peacefulness into it as possible? Feng shui can help you do just that. It is designed to bring your home into a state of serenity and perfect harmony. Feng shui offers what are known as “cures” that are used to manipulate positive energies within your home.

Creating Space for Energy Flow

Let’s briefly touch upon an important principle in feng shui, eliminating clutter. Having a lot of clutter sitting around impedes the flow of energy that is able to circulate freely through your living area. Simply clearing away the clutter may improve your overall emotional state.

Creating a Welcoming Entryway

In feng shui, the front door is known as the mouth of chi, or universal, energy. Having a clear and open entryway is crucial in feng shui. Think of different ways you can accent this important area of your home. Having good lighting in this area is a good start. Place a nice piece of artwork near your front door. The idea is that your front door should be as attractive, inviting and welcoming as possible.

Incorporating the 5 Elements

In feng shui, there are five elements to include within your space: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. With each element, a specific kind of energy is channeled. Water enhances communication. Incorporating a trickling fountain is a great way to encourage this quality. Fire represents passion. Adding a candle or incense to an area can bring in the element of fire. Wood is used to bring about prosperity and peace, while earth encourages stability. Metal is used to help improve mental focus.

The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors are the perfect treatment for making a smaller apartment seem larger, as they reflect light. Hanging a mirror near a window or to the side of your front door is especially useful. Try mounting a large mirror where you are able to see the reflection of your outdoor surroundings.

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