4 Types of Area Rugs to Consider

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When you want to cover bare areas of flooring, you can turn toward your favorite rug designs to get the job done. High-quality rugs can help spruce up your apartments in Wilmington, making them feel more inviting and as comfortable as can be. You must choose between the various types of area rugs available to find the best designs for your home. Here are a few area rugs to consider for your apartment.


Natural sisal rugs are highly durable, attractive and eco-friendly, giving you a chance to responsibly dress up your apartment. Over the years, these rugs remain in exceptional shape even when placed in heavy traffic areas. Although most sisal rugs come in tan hues, you can find this material dyed charcoal gray and other interesting colors.

Silk Rugs 

When you want to display a truly beautiful textile as a focal piece in the room, consider using silk rugs in your Wilmington, NC apartments. The delicate silk fibers allow for the creation of intricate designs of all kinds. These rugs tend to come in bright colors that highlight the design for all to enjoy. If you want to use silk rugs, but need a higher durability factor, consider bamboo infused designs.  


Shag rugs are fun blasts from the past that give your floors a bit of cushion and spark. The shag carpet fibers provide a plush effect that makes the decorated space look more inviting than ever. You can find shag area rugs in any color imaginable, though the plush fibers do not allow for intricate designs.


Flatweave offers the beauty of silk rugs with the durability of wool or sisal. The flatweave fibers hold closely together, allowing for the creation of double-sided designs on these rugs. The fibers come in a wide range of colors and patterns to help you find area rugs that best suit your interior décor.

When you take the time to find the perfect area rugs for your apartment home, you can increase your enjoyment of that space considerably. To start exploring your apartment home upgrade options, contact us at Cypress Pointe Apartment Homes by calling 910-392-1364.

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