Four Tropical-Themed Decorating Ideas

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There are many good reasons why tropical destinations are so popular with vacationers. Sure, the weather is nice, but it’s more than just an escape from colder temperatures. The Caribbean islands, the Mexican Riviera and other tropical locales offer a certain colorful, carefree, joyous ambiance that’s enticing to visitors of every age and background. Imagine if you could bring that look home and into your own apartment where you can enjoy it day in and day out.

Tropical-Themed Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

1. Invest in Bold Drapes

Although most apartment managers frown on your repainting your apartment in bold Caribbean colors (since they are so difficult to cover with white when you move out), you can still get the look of an accent wall by hanging a bold-colored curtain from the ceiling on one wall. An added benefit is that the curtain can travel with you when it’s time to move.

2. Revisit Rattan

Wicker and rattan furniture may remind you of your grandmother’s front porch, but this staple of the 1950s is back in style and more popular than ever. To give your wicker furniture a modern, tropical feel, eschew the traditional white-painted versions; either keep the natural look or paint the chairs and tables a vibrant island color, such as yellow, blue, orange or red. Accent them with colorful cushions to bring the joy of the islands to your apartment’s interior.

3. Add Exotic (but easy-to-grow) Houseplants

Plants such as sago palms, rubber plants, and bromeliads are great options. As long as you keep these plants away from the heating registers and drafts, they should last for years to come.

4. Sew a Breezy Canopy for Your Bed

In the tropics, beds are covered with gauzy fabric to keep bugs away while the occupants sleep. You can get this romantic look by draping your bed with light linen, cotton or muslin. It doesn’t have to cover the entire bed. You can hang panels from each of the four bedposts.

Bring the vibrant colors and beauty of the tropics indoors with your apartment-decorating scheme. To learn more about renting quality affordable Wilmington, NC apartments, contact us today at (855) 734-4577.

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