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put away winter

Residents of Cypress Pointe welcome the arrival of spring. Chilly days and cold nights are in the rearview mirror as many people have started their spring cleaning ritual. Rather than simply box things and stash them away, some people take advantage of the seasonal change by consolidating items in a way that saves space while discarding those materials that are infrequently used or no longer needed. Although chores may be something that many of us want to postpone, a little planning now will give us more elbow room before the summer. 

A New Season and A New Attitude

Consolidate Similar Items: Keep winter coats, jackets, and other clothes together. Sometimes, when we store these items separately, it is possible to forget things that we already have. For clothing and other items, consider purchasing some space bags that allow you to seal items tightly with a vacuum that removes air and presses them closely together. Items sealed in these bags can be placed in plastic storage bins, thereby saving space on the closet rods.

Give Things a Second Look: Do you plan on wearing that plaid blazer or overcoat again? Do you have extra boots by the entrance that you have not worn in a long time? This is a good time to reconsider whether an item will be used again or if it simply takes up space.

Give Things a Second Life: For clothes or other materials in good condition that you may no longer plan to wear or use, consider donating them to shelters, second-hand stores, or other locations that may have a use for them today. Linen towels, for example, may be welcome at a local animal shelter as comfortable liners for beds.

Take It Beyond Winter Items: That thick blanket may not be needed until fall, but those items in the back of the refrigerator that you opened last fall may be ready to go today. As part of your ritual, inspect "use by" or freshness dates for food.

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